Sunday, 15 September 2013

Dear Diary....

Lady Penelope Sinclair’s Diary

Dear Diary, 
I am devastated, simply devastated.  It was my duty as ranking officer to put our best paw forward and  demonstrate to our visiting dignitary, Colonel Mustard, the efficiency and discipline of our camp.
devastated and ashamed
After weeks of inspection I felt that the Colonel was beginning to bestow a favourable eye upon how the camp operates and was even starting to understand the roles the squawking pussy, Spock and the slobbering beast, Truffle, play in the function of our squad. 

Then suddenly, cat-astrophe! The Colonel is missing!  Not so much as a Mission Completed or Camp Passes Inspection or By Your Leave!

I can only conclude The Colonel has been abducted.  I have heard the Tall Ones refer to some far away alien race known as Newtonians who have some special and no doubt unnatural interest in The Colonel.  
Are these the  Newtownians?  Will poor Mustard get a probing?

And to think The Colonel should be abducted on my watch.  I am devastated!  Surely discommendation and demotion are looming in my future. 

I have tried searching the grounds but to no avail.  I am defeated by the perimeter fencing which the Tall Ones have erected around the Base.

I must find a way to escape the Base if I am to expand my search parameters.

My attention has been drawn to the strange craft the feline has recently acquired. I have seen her climb into it and having turned my back heard a strange roar and then she and the craft are gone, only to have her and the craft mysteriously reappear later.  Perhaps if I can figure out how to use this craft it may help me in my search for The Colonel.

basic instruction in the operation of the "Arrow Plain"

 Great news! The feline has confessed that the strange craft is something she calls an Arrow Plain and has offered to instruct me in its operation.  I figure if a feline can operate it, it must be incredibly easy to use.

I have mastered the operation of this craft and am searching in an ever widening circle  in an effort to locate The Colonel.  

There will be no retreat, no surrender from this campaign.  I will not falter, I will prevail.  Not just for me, but for all dogs. I see now all that The Colonel brought to the table.  The discipline, the focus,  a zest for life, a tang of adventure and colour.  The Colonel will be found.  

Where ever The Colonel has gone, I will catch up. It will become our motto, our one directive.  All dogs must have Mustard!

The end?

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