Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Day 15- time has no meaning

Day 15-  Time has no meaning here... Rank has no meaning here....I have lost track of any sense of the days.  How long have I been in this place?  What is happening to me? Who are these tall ones?  Why am I here? What is the meaning of it all?  

The only one here with any sense at all is the little elongated one, who had become my friend. She is still a very stupid little bitch, but without her, I'm sure I would have lost my mind.  The confusing journeys in the "kah", the strange and yet scarey-marvelous places we visit, the relentless repetition of words from the tall ones, the aloof member of the feline corps- she takes it all in her stride, and even seems to enjoy it!  In all things she is my superior, and so I have learned to look to her for guidance and direction.  The thought of escape recedes further out of my mind, as I adapt to this new and upside down environment.  Batu, my friend, where are you with this rescue plan you promised? I don't think I can keep it together much longer.... hurry.....hurry......

Unceremoniously plopped into the Kah... where is Penny?   Oh no!  The talls have forgotten her.... I'm afraid for my safety!  
A strange sense of deja-vu.... is this a cafe like I used to visit?  Drats!  No pup-cakes.... we must be somewhere else. The large beast with the beady eyes and gallons of drool is here.... Where is my Penny to protect me?     

This place is exciting despite the dreaded splitter.  I have grown to love/hate that thing.  It keeps Penny and I together, so I feel safe.... but it keeps Penny and I together, so I get dragged everywhere without so much as a "by your leave Colonel"
  Many talls bowing and petting, they seem to recognise my rank here... There are many furry beasts of all sizes here too... of course we have to partake in the sniffing of the butts ritual, but Penny tires of this game and turns up her nose at them, so - do I.  

Visits to this place are often daily.  I no longer fear for my safety, even with out my leash! And the dux are funny foul creatures that smell unusual, and they seem float on the water.  Their poop tastes good though, I love to sniff it out.   

This was a strange and marvellous thing!  It was  smelly, and crispy at first, but become soft and chewy after licking.  I  just loved it!  My little dullard friend got one too, and she finished hers first and then tried to steal mine!  Ha! As if she had a chance. 
This is my favourite thing here... I try to hide it everyday, but  somehow Penny always knows where I have it stashed and she takes it for herself.  Its a great game.  I run all around with this, taunting her to catch me with it.  She can't catch me, her legs are just too short, and I think my speed has improved.  This thing stands up to really hard chewing and licking and lasts a long time.  It's not as good as food mind you, but it takes my mind off how hungry I am.  

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  1. Attention Colonel Mustard. I have had my courier drop a plane to your landing strip. Keep a lookout in case the Tattooed Lady has hidden it from you.....I will activate the Sleeper Cell Kitty to be your flight crew when you are ready to escape. Use code in your reply so I know when you are ready to flee your captors!