Friday, 16 August 2013

Day 8- Boot Camp Boot Camp

Day 8:  I am getting used to waking up with my bunkmate now.... having my own bed to sleep in is a far distant memory...  and I actually like running out the little door now into the yard and smelling the fresh morning air.... this morning I was so excited I gave a little bark as I chased the birds... what fun!

The fun was short lived however.... as we were once again forced into the "Kah".  I really hate this contraption.  You never know when you will be forced to enter it, or to what new torture you will be subjected to on your exit from it. I was now so eager to exit this confinement I was easily jumping out myself... no more waiting to be carried - those days are also a distant memory.  

This time we arrived at another low abode, a funny little place, with a strange furry beast living in it and a tall person called Auntie N.  At first I was afraid for my safety, as the furry beast bounded up, it was so fluffy I could barely see it's beady little black eyes, and it had strange ears that went up!  I think it must be a deformity of some sort. Then, I had to suffer the humiliation of the whole sniffing of the butt ritual these folk practice. 
here we go again.... 
But after that the furry thing was very reverent, obviously alerted to my Colonial status, as it maintained a respectful distance.   About time I got some respect around here!  
Penny seemed very familiar with this place and gave me a grand tour.  I am pretty sure this place is a boot camp for training new recruits.  They obviously brought me here for my superior first hand knowledge of such things.  

First there were some strange foul beasts that roamed on 2 feet... these were not like the "dux" at the water place, but some sort of new breed. There purpose was not made clear to me at this time.   I was sent in to inspect them, but they were not up to formal military dress standards... a very disappointing turnout indeed.  
silly foul creatures don't know the meaning of inspection 
Next there was a bouncy exercise area for the trainees.  There was fence all around so there was no escape.  Very high tech it was.... the bouncy surface was sure to increase fitness levels for the new corps.  

the gym
Next stop was the barracks.  Well, I was not too impressed here.... the sleeping quarters were even worse than my own... with 3 to a bed.  I don't know how anyone gets any sleep at all... I pushed the furry one out to see if it was more comfortable for 2

very old and uncomfortable bunks in this place.  i will recommend an upgrade in my report. 
I was hoping that was our last stop, and we would visit the mess tent, as I was very hungry!  but no, Penny led on to the newly installed agility course.  This is for advanced troop training.  I was afraid for my safety, but could not let the little one see my distress so I braved the equipment.  
the little sausage supervising my descent. 

Finally!  The mess.  Alas.... it was empty.  Only the tantalising smell remaining of the morning meal, and the empty chairs and tables of the company serving as a reminder that my own dinner was several hours off.... 


  1. Colonel Mustard - you are an inspiration to us all! I don't know how you maintain your composure in the face of these sub-standard barracks and sloppy enlistees! Keep up the good work, old sport!

  2. Don't worry Colonel Mustard....I am conspiring on getting a rescue vehicle to your drop zone soon.....