Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Day 18- The Weekend.... continued

Day 18- The Weekend.... continued

I couldn't believe my luck last night, as once again I was sent to bed in the big bed.... Penny, the little twit, hiding under the blankets, and Me at my post on guard to the Tattooed lady.  

My dreams were disturbed.... the strange lulling sound of the moving water, the calm- salty smelling breeze and visions of bones plagued me.  I dreamt I lived all alone in a large tower built of mortar and steel...  there were familiar things around me, my bed, my special dish, but no life.... no green grass, no little doors in doors to run in and out of, no dux, no fresh air.  My only companions were shapeless masses of pre chewed fur toys.  In this dream, I spent my time waiting by the big door, licking carpet.  Waiting, waiting waiting for what?  I seemed very afraid for my safety and no companions at - all whether they be beasts or tall ones.... I wonder what it all means?  Was it a premonition of some sort?  

Upon awakening, all was as it should be.... although I am ashamed to admit I did fall asleep at my post...  Penny was nearby,  and the tattooed lady- I quickly shook the dreams from my head,  as the tattooed one opened up the door for us to have our morning romp in the yard.  The 2 little smalls were not around, but the smell of peanut butter was very strong in the air.   

Breakfast was served this morning!  Wow weee..... but it was very unusual.... I was soooooo hungry I just wolfed it down with out even thinking.  

I was so hungry, I didn't even wait for the small brown dullard to poison check it for me.... have I lost my mind?

We were of course bundled back into the Kah... which I have now been conditioned to jump in and out of *myself* !  I am still afraid for my safety, but the tall one makes such a fuss over me... shamefully I can not resist pleasing her.... 

A boring trek ensued to some sort of general meeting.... talls and smalls and beasts of all shapes conversing and eating and swapping some sort of bags between them.  Most were there to see my eminence I am sure, as the amount of pointing and commotion from all was limitless.  You would think they had never seen a Colonel before!  I had so many belly rubs and small treats I was exhausted over it all, and when I was back in front of the Kah, I was grateful to be out of it ... what have I become?

Next stop was some sort of sweat shop.  My tattooed lady was immediately put to work.  The smell of soap and the dust in the air just made me sneeze.... another strange experience to be sure!  My clod of a companion just found a pillow and fell asleep.  I agree it was boring, but I found a better spot to rest.  One more suited to my rank.  

Then it was another endless ride in the Kah.... 

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