Monday, 26 August 2013

Day 16- The Great Escape

Day 16- The day started like any other since I've been here, the monotonous routine was getting me down.  I was forced to lick the carpet over and over again just to remind myself of the taste of home.  Alas,  the taste and smell was completely different from the carpet I grew up on..... then suddenly, with no explanation, all my belongings were being packed up.... I was afraid for my safety....was this the end?  

But wait?  What was this?  The feline corp had delivered it's escape plan at last!  The clever feline beasts led by the cunning and sly Batu had managed to secure me a vehicle of some sort.   
the vehicle with strange symbols on it

I gave it a thorough sniffing over, and sent the little elongated dullard in to investigate things.  

She came out unscathed, and so it was up to me.... I was sad to say good-by to the only companion I had had for so many endless days, but it was my only hope of escape!  
I didn't have the heart to tell her there was no room for her in my escape plan...but from the look in her eye I could tell she understood

I followed the pre-flight check list the best I could, but as the controls were designed for paws, and the strange markings were in feline, there was little I could do but press them all at random.  I think the motor was damaged in transport, as nothing I did would get me off the ground.  The local sleeper cell kitty that was a double agent was no help at all.  She just stared at me with those slanty green eyes. I knew I should not have trusted that darn cat!  Maybe with further study I can work it out.  I have hidden the vehicle the best I could.... I am sure the tattooed lady does not know of it's existence.  She put my belongings into the "kah" with out so much as a "by your leave"  and before I knew it, we were speeding along once again.  I took some comfort in Penny by my side.  This turned out to be the longest confinement yet.  Would it never end?  I was afraid for my safety.  

I was so exhausted when I woke up I did not know where we were!  It was dark, and smelled all fresh and salty airish....I could smell small ones, nearby foul critters, grass and other vaguely familiar scents.  I was afraid for my safety in this strange environment, but the little dullard seemed to know this place.  She called it "the weekend" and pranced around sniffing and wagging all over the place.   We were given our paltry meal and put to bed.  But in the big bed!  Wow!  I got to sleep in the comfort appropriate to my rank- about time too!  I took my station at the foot of the tattooed lady to keep watch, while the small brown one did a strange thing and burrowed under the blankets.  Weird huh?  

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  1. Fear not Colonel Mustard, I will activate the sleeper cell kitty shortly. I have just been waiting for ideal weather