Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Day 6

Day 6:  I once again had many strange dreams last night.  It was the large monster with long legs and all that slobber this time.  Every time I shut my eyes, there it was.... staring staring.  I whimpered in fear, but it was still there.... is there no relief from this nightmarish existence?  Even in my dreams I afraid for my safety. Staring with it's large beady eyes.... staring
the staring eyes

When I awoke, and the nightmare was replaced with reality, I was no better off, as I was still here in this strange boot camp.  The hunger was really getting to me, but all I was offered for breakfast was a strange orange stick to chew on.  What new torture was this?  I licked it tentatively, and watched what the little dullard did, although I still don't trust her - because of her brainwashed state, but she is serving as my poison checker.  Unbelievably, not only did she eat this strange thing, but she seemed to even like it! So, fearing for my safety, I took a tentative nibble.  It was good!  It was crunchy and somewhat delicious.  Before I knew it, I was licking the floor to get every last shred of the stuff.  It was so demeaning, licking the floor, but I could not help myself. 

Soon after, the bossy tattooed lady left me! Will this be my opportunity to escape? ....

Alas, no..I should have known, the Alpha Male was still here.  I liked him.. he made me feel safer somehow.  I knew with the Alpha Male I wouldn't have to fear for my safety...he would pick me up and look after me, as befits my rank of Colonel.  I was so happy and then he attached my leash.  Walkies?  Were we going for walkies?  Yes yes, we headed out the door!  But no!  Not the dreaded and most hated splitter.... betrayed!  Attached once more to the little weiner she bolted like a streak out the door, nearly pulling me off my feet!   I had to scramble to keep up with her.....   we headed down the road, and then we arrived at the place with the water on the ground.  I feared for my safety when Penny did not slacken the pace.... she headed right for the water.  I dug in my feet, and was finally able to bring her to a halt.  I rolled over for the Alpha Male, a sure sign gesture for him to lift me to my proper station, but he just laughed at me and told me to get up!  Traitor!  The elongated little bitch also ignored me, and started just to pull me along, on my back mind you.  How humiliating.  I had no option but to return to my sore feet and endure.  The death march now continued on past the "Dux" who turned their backs to me.... even they shun my presence.  Past this place and on and on and on at at breakneck speed, my little legs had never moved so fast.. I really thought the end was near.  We took a long and circuitous route... even though I hated that splitter, I was glad to have it on, as without it I was sure to be lost.  Even in my tortured state, I know that "lost"  is worse than any boot camp or confinement.  Eventually, after hours it seemed, I smelled the smell of the low abode.  Penny and I raced for home, who would be first?  Even the Alpha Male had trouble keeping up with us!  Once again, even though I was tired and my feet were sore, there was some small pleasure in the wind in my face and my ears flapping behind me.  

chewey rewards...after a gruelling march.

I am starting to doubt myself here... in this place.  I am not so sure of the flat faced furry beast I encountered yesterday.  I thought at the time it was a captive like me...tortured and incarcerated in solitary confinement...  but today I witnessed something odd.  It seems that the tattooed lady and the Alpha Male are serving IT- it is not a captive at all, but the leader of the gang!  They open doors for it, and carry it everywhere.  At its strange commanding voice it is given food whenever it demands it, and it eats out of a bowl set upon a high pedestal. When it enters the room, a hush is felt, and we must remain seated while it haughtily passes.  I sometimes whine when it is in the room, in honour of such incredible control.  

Other things are confusing me as well, I must keep shaking my head to remember who I am... I am the Colonel!  I am the Colonel! I am not some poor beast to be ordered around at anyones beck and call.  I can pee where I want, poop when I want and I am used to having my meals when I want.  I sleep in a bed, not in shared sleeping quarters with beastly lower ranking pleebs!   I am not one to obey, to blindly follow, to kiss-ass..... yet, when I do succumb to these beastly directives,  great fuss is made of me, and cheese is presented. I do like cheese.  

I am also finding the little dullard to be a little .... cute.  The brainwashing must be getting to me!  Have I become so used to her face during this incarceration that I am starting to like it?  Today she played a game with me!  Just us.... imagine, me.... playing a game!  First I frolic outside, then I'm playing???  What is happening to me?   The game goes like this:  1st I chase her.... she hides.  Then she pounces out, and chases me!  Then I hide.... I like to hide under the clothes rack, silently waiting for her to turn her back.... then quick!  Run run run.... she chases me!  Who knew this could be fun!  I wonder what we are going to play tomorrow? 


  1. Ahhh Colonel - I believe the substance they call "cheese" to be some kind of truth serum - it will sedate you and make you do their bidding. Stay strong!

    A friend

  2. I concur...cheese is also used in the concentration camp that is also my home. It makes me do unspeakable things!