Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Day 19- I hate Mondays

 Day 19- I hate Mondays

I woke in my own familiar bed.  Somehow, like a child I do not even remember how I got here.  There is a vague fog of a scant dinner, but no recollection of arriving back in this hell hole of boot camp, nor of being forced to cram into even closer sleeping quarters... apparently we are now expected to share a bed.  What next?

I could barely sleep with the long nosed, short legged, floppy eared little ignoramus snoring beside me.  Who does she think she is getting into MY bed? 

I spent the day trying to get some sort of response from the feline beast. It has information on how to lift off the escape vehicle provided by the feline special corps. I have been following its every move in hope I will be able to decipher the strange markings on the complex machine.  Perhaps tracking this beguiling slanty eyed beast with no eyebrows will give me some insight into how they think, and so a clue as to how the controls work.  So obviously superior and fiendishly cunning... but how do they do it?  How do they rule with out moving a single muscle?  I must find out.... it is my only hope of escape.  

I have grown so accustomed to this place I am afraid for my safety should I ever get out.  

The day was spent in recon and intel.  Doing your homework on a mission is so important to success.  

I even snuck into the favorite sleeping chamber of the sovereign feline.  I was looking for any clue that could unlock the secret to my escape.  I doubt I could keep the vehicle hidden much longer from the tattooed lady and the Alpha Male....

Urgent!  If anyone out there can fly this thing please send me an encrypted message.... you are my last hope! 

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  1. The escape pod is well hidden....I am working on our next move....fear not Colonel Mustard....the end is nigh