Monday, 12 August 2013

DAY 5- My dreams were full of strange images last night, open vistas, and nightmarish creatures.  1st I dreamt I was at an incredibly windy place where I was carried up a huge precipice and forced to endure the smell of food, while none dropped to me. 
In my dream the little dullard gets to dine at the table

it was so real, my dream, I could smell the food, but none for me.... 


Then I was on a huge precipice, where my tiny feet could barely find purchase, and no one to carry me!  I feared for my safety!

The nightmare would not end, it seemed to go on for ever and ever, with ever increasing layers of humiliations.  In my imagination I dreamed up a new form of torture called "the splitter"  it keeps you chained to your fellow convict, you have to go where ever they go, no matter how fast.  Imagine that.... hahaha 

this could only be a figment of my imagination.....
I awoke!  Thank goodness it was only a dream!  But wait!  Whats this? it was not a dream, the small elongated creature with short legs was snoring beside me.... drat.  I wished I was home in my own cozy bed.  Must be brave today.... 

I come to the sickening realisation that the tattooed lady is trying to brainwash me.  I fear for my safety.  She uses strange words and gestures repeated over and over and over again.  Even though there is a tasty treat in her hand, I remain resolute.  I have no idea what she wants, but she is not forcing any command secrets from me!  I'm the Colonel!  Penny has succumbed to this strange manipulation going through a whole routine of crazy antics just to get at that little crumb of food.  I don't know how long the poor beast has been here, but her will is broken.  She is so eager to please her captors, I don't get it.  

I have also made a discovery that they hide a terrible secret- there is yet another prisoner here -locked in solitary confinement!  The horrors never end!   I thought I had smelled something "other" and used my high levels of intelligence to investigate.  This wild creature is hideously deformed, with long legs, tiny feet, a tiny nose, slanty eyes, and big sharp teeth.  It is covered with the nastiest looking long hair I have ever seen or imagined, it is so long, you can barely see it's small flat face.  It rarely sees the light of day.  I have tried to communicate with it, but it can only utter "mew mewww meeww" and a terribly frightening hissing spitting sound.  When I saw it for the first time I feared for my safety!  It may all be a clever ploy on it's part, or perhaps it is truly mad.  I may never know.  

Strangely, and I can't believe I'm even saying this, I am starting to enjoy the daily freedom of "the yard" - for that is what they call this big expanse of green stuff through the little door in the door.  I even snuck out on my own once today!  Imagine - me- outside with out a leash- on my very own.  All alone.  Wow.  I must be brave.  I barely notice the steel monster changing down anymore.  I found myself just running today.... running!  The soft green stuff beneath my feet, my ears flapping in the wind and plenty of bushes to hide behind and pounce out at the unsuspecting Penny.  I don't know what came over me, too much fresh air, hunger, or a manic episode of some sort.  I hope it does not come over me again, any time soon.  Turns out the tattooed lady was watching and I think laughing... it was a bit embarrassing.  

The nonsense with the gestures and repeated words goes on... this time though the warden lady tricked me by using cheese.  Oh my god..... cheese..... it makes me drool just thinking about it. Have you tried this stuff?  I think it may be habit forming, so try to avoid it if you can.  Anyway seems she is trying to get me to "sit" for some reason- but hey it's cheese.  I can see her ploy is starting to work..... I even had to "sit" before she would give me my meagre meal... it was my intention to stay strong and prolong the hunger strike, but I was soooo hungry!  Oh! and guess what?  FRESH MEAT!  I thought I had been tricked enough with the cheese, but fresh meat?  What sort of a boot camp is this anyway?  I really must plot my escape before I succumb and loose my mind. 

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  1. Aaah, you have finally met another of the Feline Corps. This cat is obviously part of a sleeper cell that will be activated to overthrow our captors at a time to be determined.....